Changing Fate

ISIS Infiltration (May 20th, 2015)

MISSION GOAL: Find and disable any weapons of mass destruction at the facility in Anbar Province in Iraq.


1. To secure a local contact that can identify the location of the facility where ISIS is likely to be keeping any important munitions.

2. Find the facility and gain entry by any means.

3. Secure and disable any WMDs present.

4. Capture ISIS leaders if any are identified.

5. Avoid capture at all costs.

CAVEAT: No one outside of the team is to know that WMD are likely involved.


Colonel Webber explained the situation with ISIS recapturing an area in Anbar Province, and stated the mission’s goal and objectives. The team gathered together equipment and worked with Dr. Kroft to get a device to device any active warheads of they are found.

The next morning they were on a plane to Germany; Rammstein Air Base. En Route, Casper determined a handful of likely persons of interest based on who was communicating and transporting goods in the Anbar area. This led to the discovery of a soldier who was trafficking illegal goods in and out of the area.

The team attempted to find the soldier, but the timeline for departure from Rammstein made it impossible. The soldier (Sergeant McCrae) was noted and may be pursued at a later time.

By day 3, the team had arrived in the Bagdad green zone and were provided basic accommodations courtesy of the army. They adopted false IDs as security experts, contractors hired to investigate systems security breaches.

That evening, Casper and the team tracked down a lead on a local Iraqi who knew a lot about the trafficking in the area, as well as the relations between ISIS and locals. He provided information about an asset in the town of Anwar, in the newly ISIS controlled area.

The asset’s name was Kamil Midhat Amhad, and he was known to run an operation with as many as 30 ISIS soldiers in Anwar.


The next morning, the team boarded a Blackhawk and was dropped int he desert a few kilometers from Anwar. They made their way on foot to the town, holed up in an abandoned building, and investigated the area.

After some time, Victor fashioned disguises for himself and Shen, then they ambushed a couple of ISIS soldiers. They interrogated them and found out about Kamil’s wife and his habits. At the same time, Jeff took a position on the hill behind Kamil’s compound and watched.

That evening, the team converged on the compound and killed the guards. Kamil fled inside where they detained and questioned him. Patrick led the interrogation with Victor assisting. They determined that Kamil was working for a man named Ala al-Din Nimat Darzi, who was in an abandoned oil refinery a few kilometers to the south. They killed Kamil.

Casper hot wired a truck and the team piled in and headed to the refinery. Once they got close, they scoped it out and found about 12 men guarding the facility. It was bombed out and non-functioning, but they had erected makeshift barricades and walls with razor wire.

The team easily dispatched the men, with Jeff leading the assault. All enemies were killed easily. Once inside the compound, the team breached the main building, an old warehouse that was two stories tall. Inside it was empty except for some aged barrels, some rusted heavy machinery, and a handful of easily killed ISIS fighters.

The team discovered a securely locked cargo elevator with recent signs of activity. There was also a staircase with the same signs. They punched in the code they had extracted from Kamil, and headed down the stairs.

Below was a long hallway, reminiscent of an old hospital. There were several “clean rooms” where it looked like workers had once worked with drugs, chemicals or advanced tech, many years prior. All the rooms were empty except for some abandoned equipment, now defunct.

The hallway showed signs of having recently been used by a large truck to take something to a set of blast doors at the end. The team went to the end of the hall and tried to listen through the doors, but they were sound proof.

They bypassed the security and opened the doors, where they were met with a hail of bullets. One shooter unloaded a spray of ammo in their direction, missing everyone. Inside the team saw three men in clean suits working on small warheads. The shooter was behind them, in the back of the two story “lab.” Overlooking the lab was a glass control room with tinted windows.

The scientists all tried to find cover and direct gunfire away from the weapons. The shooter, Darzi, was taken out, but left alive. No one else was seriously injured.

During the firefight, a couple of the team members attempted to shoot through the bulletproof glass in the overlook. They could see the movement of a lone figure inside.

Once Darzi was removed from combat, a voice came over speaker in the room. The voice was vaguely European, leaning toward British with a mixed accent from numerous years of travel. It was a male voice, and of someone likely in his middle age.

He said something to the effect of, “all the pieces are moving into their places.” As he spoke, one of the warheads activated. It was spitting out code on the LED that made no sense to Casper. Try as he might, Casper couldn’t deactivate it. Five seconds later, the room erupted in bright light, and the team felt their skin burn briefly, followed by blindness and unconsciousness.


Sometime later, the team awoke over the course of about 30 seconds, except for Victor. As they awoke, each felt strange, and different. They had not been burned, or otherwise visibly injured. The room had, however, collapsed around them. The space was crumbled to about 1/8 the size, and the whole second level, including the control room, was leveled. A few I-beams saved the people within from being crushed.

During the course of trying to escape the collapse, each of the team members discovered that they had some strange new power, like a super power. Shen could slightly augment his physical form with the elements. Jeff could teleport short distances. Patrick could exert telekinetic force. Casper could infiltrate the minds of others.

As the scientists awoke, they also began to display powers. Mohammed, the first and most versed in English, seemed to become youthful and invigorated. Achmed’s eyes turned black, but he seemed to be able to exert his will over others. Johar seemed to be absorbing energy from nearby and heating up his body and the air around him.

The team rendered Achmed and Johar unconscious. Victor and Darzi were already unconscious.

During this time Jeff managed to teleport through a crack in the rocks that Shen found. He circled back around to the entrance and opened the blast doors. On his way, he saw another group of militants coming toward the facility.

Upon exiting the building, the team easily dispatched the militants, using their skills and some of their new powers. They then radioed for evac and made their way to the extraction point.


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