Changing Fate

Into Africa (May 26, 2015)

Key Events:

1. Secret message to Casper… “Kroft must not come to Iraq.”

  • Follow up with another message… “Keep Kroft safe at all costs.”

2. Hand off four captives to Kroft?

3. New Mission: Recover missing Specter Operatives in Nigeria.

Weber informs the team that the entire DC team has gone missing in the jungles of Nigeria. The team was on assignment to take some Boko Haram leaders, including Abubakar Shekau himself. The team was successful, and made a check-in three days ago, but has since gone missing.

It is worth noting that the team also mentioned a situation that was similar to yours. They cornered Shekau and three of his lieutenants in an abandoned school in Nigeria, but were setup by a European man that they didn’t get a good look at. There was an explosion of sorts, and they awoke with powers… but so did Shekau and his men.

Here is what we know about each of them…

Specter Team Operatives:
1. Paul Kraemer – Espionage and firearms expert. Displays ability to control electricity.
2. James Casey – Tech and hand-to-hand combat expert. Displays supernatural strength and toughness.
3. Marco Schefnik – Demolitions expert and Navy Seal. Displays ability to regenerate and recover from any wound.
4. Demarco Cross – KIA

Boko Haram Targets:
1. Abubakar Shekau – Emir of ISIL in West Africa and leader of Boko Haram. He appears to be able to change his physical form, taking on aspects of things around him.
2. Akande Okonkwo – Shekau’s right hand. Displays superior strength, speed and durability.
3. Kalu Martins – Ex-Interpol. Displays ability to anticipate and predict the future with a high degree of accuracy.
4. Mohammed Eze – Professional merc. Displays ability to change his size at will.

Mission goals:
1. Recover the three teammates.
2. Kill or capture BH leaders.
3. Keep powers secret.
4. Return to Specter HQ in Indy.

Prep Rolls:
1. Get gear and garb (4 successes) – The team has normal assault and jungle survival gear, as well as 2 free invokes on the aspect “We got gear.”
2. Monitor activity via satellites (9 successes) – The team has detailed maps and images of the area surrounding the school, as well as some idea of the number of people, vehicles and travel patterns. 4 free invokes on a the aspect “Lay of the land.”
3. Get local contact and safe house (7 successes) – See below.

Welcome to the jungle!

Team travels to Nigeria using the cover as US-based developers. They then take jeeps to the town of Calabar in eastern Nigeria, near the border with Cameroon. The area is fairly dense forest, but a bit drier than one expects of a jungle.

In Calaban they meet with Jonathan Nbuta, a local contact of the CIA with a specialization in Boko Haram. Nbuta is very helpful, but refuses to go into the field and be seen with the Americans so that he can keep his cover as a rural doctor. He does provide a very safe, secure and secluded haven for the team in a small religious retreat (recently fallen to disuse) in the forest. He also provides two jeeps using the resources of the team.

Assault on Boko Haram

Team travels via jeep over poorly paved roads, then onto dirt roads. After two hours, the roads turn into little more than trails. The area is highly forested, bordering on jungle-like.

The team stops the jeeps at small village, about 10 miles from the suspected Boko Haram base. There Victor manages to ingratiate himself to a village elder, and learn of the best route to take. He also learns that two of the men being sought are likely here in the village.

Supposedly, Eze and Okonkwo are meeting with some locals today, outside of the town, to arrange some sort of deal with a nearby warlord.

Ramshackle Outpost

The warlord and six men are holed up in what looks like an old travel lodge from the pre-war era. It has recently been fixed up, and has two generators powering it.

Encounter with Eze, Okonkwo and Warlord’s men.


What to do with Kraemer?
He is under the influence of morphine, heavily drugged and on the verge of OD.

Travel to school?
The jeeps have GPS in them, which can be hacked to get exact coordinates of school. Also they could get back to the school quickly using the jeeps and not arouse any suspicions about the missing team.

Encounter at School
No surprise… Martins saw it coming!

Shekau, Martins and three well-trained men are at the school, and ready for the attack.


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